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Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes Click the HERE to view our available classes. New athletes get to try their first class before registering.

Cheer 101 Classes

Introduction to the fundamentals of cheerleading and tumbling for ages 5-14. Basic to intermediate skills will be taught based on proper progressions for tumbling, stunting, motions, jumps, cheers & dances, in a safe and age appropriate manner. Click HERE to view our available Cheer 101 classes and register today!

Flexibility Classes

Flexibility class focuses on splits, shoulder and back flexibility, body positions and body control for flyers but is open to all athletes.

Stunting Classes.. not currently available

Step 1 Allstars offers stunt training for all ages and experience levels. This class is great for all of the following: Beginners who want to learn how to fly Perfecting a stunt transition Better body positions Learn and perfect Basket Tosses Prepare for college cheerleading Learning new skills Progressing to a high level of stunting ability Learn better body control and awareness Click HERE to see our available stunting and basket toss classes. Register today!

School Classes

For information on group pricing for School Cheer Teams, please email [email protected].