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About North

Step 1 Allstars North is Northeast Ohio’s premier competitive cheerleading program. We have options for male and female athletes ages 18 and below. Our location, founded in May 2015, is and additional location of Step 1 Allstars (Columbus, OH). Both locations share staff, training techniques, core values, and the pride of believing in You Me Us. Step 1 Allstars has a 14 year history of competitive teams. The history includes 10 consecutive years of competing at the Cheerleading Worlds Championship, including multiple finishes in the top 10 finals. Step 1 Allstars has recently added the prestigious Summit event to our schedule, where we have taken multiple teams to finals as well. Step 1 North is proud to provide an equal level of competitive teams that the Step 1 name has come to be known for. We pride ourselves on helping each athlete reach their potential while also instilling core values in each athlete. These values include, but are not limited to teamwork, dedication, responsibility, and perseverance. We have a wide variety of age and skill level appropriate teams for athletes to reach their potential on.

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